Causes of Hearing Loss


  • Known as presbycusis or nerve damage 
  • Occurs very gradually, almost without notice 
  • Usually occurs in a higher frequency range vital to understanding speech

Noise Damage

  • Exposure to firearms, industrial and home machinery, or musical concerts 
  • Usually results from accumulated exposure, but can be the result of a single event


  • Meniere’s disease (which may also be accompanied by vertigo, nausea, or ringing of the ears) 
  • Skull fractures 
  • Some viral infections (If you have a rapid or sudden hearing loss it is recommended to proceed directly to a Doctor or Emergency Room there is a relatively small window of time to treat a viral infection involving your ears if not treated quickly the damage may become permanent)


  • Some drugs may be ototoxic(toxic to the ears), may cause hearing loss
  • There are over 200+ known ototoxic prescription and over-the-counter medications on the market today.
  • Obey dosage levels and always consult your physician

Other Factors

  • Smoking can block circulation in tiny inner ear blood vessels
  • Heredity may be a factor in some cases

Five Steps to Better Hearing with Hearing Aids
1.  Admit you have a permanent hearing problem
2.  Make a personal choice to seek help with a positive attitude
3.  Learn all that you can about your hearing loss and hearing aids
4.  Set realistic expectations regarding your hearing instruments
5.  Practice, time, patience and a positive attitude are key to your success